About Us


We were established in Texas 1983, serving primarily General Contractors involved in commercial construction. It was in this field that the we were first exposed to ADA. Today we prides ourselves as the largest supplier of ADA appliances to new construction and are regularly called upon by Architects and General Contractors to assist in specifying ADA appliances for projects.

Our website encompasses the largest selection of ADA appliances under one roof, and the selection is growing. Products are available for purchase online at competitive pricing. All products are fresh and carry full manufactures’ warranty.


A provision in the American for Disabilities Act of 1990 mandates a ruling that in all buildings where the public has access eg schools, hospitals, government buildings, new office space the sinks in the kitchens and coffee bars cannot exceed a height of 34” off floor level. The law further enacts (by interpretation) that full size refrigerators be accessible; that the controls, the shelves and the freezer be positioned within a forward reach of between 15” minimum and 48” maximum.

The standard height of a countertop is 36”. American made under counter appliances such as icemakers, dishwashers and refrigerators are manufactured to fit under a standard countertop. Therefore, they are not ADA compliant because they will not fit below a 34” countertop. Most major American appliance manufacturers are reluctant to retool for what they consider to be a very small segment of the market.

European countertops are 34” high. Under counter appliances are manufactured to fit below those countertops. These appliances would by their nature be ADA compliant. The introduction to the American market of European dishwashers and laundry was not intended to fill the void left by American manufactures. It certainly has turned out that way.