Browsing the site

How do I find what I am looking for? 

If you are looking for a specific item, the search function is the easiest way to find it. You can find the search feature on the top navigation bar. You can choose to search the entire site, or by the advanced search page. Simply enter a keyword at the top of the page in the text field and click “go.” Using the advanced search, you can specify a category, manufacturer, price range or SKU. Here are some tips when searching by keyword: AND=matches on all words. Example: stainless AND range returns all items that contain the words “stainless” and “range” in the description. OR=matches on any word. Example: ranges OR warming drawers returns any items that contain the words “ranges” or “warming drawers” in the description. If you are having difficulty finding what you are looking for, please contact a customer service representative via email at info@adaappliances.com

What are the navigation links? 

The navigation links can be found on the side and bottom of every page of this site. Simply point and click on any category or manufacturer to go to a section.

How do I select an item? 

To select an item simply click on the item’s name. This will take you to the item page where you will find a description of that item and its price. From there you may add the item to your cart.

How do I remove an item from my cart? 

Simply click “delete item” below the item you wish to remove from your cart.

How do I know that an item was successfully placed in my cart? 

Once you have selected an item and clicked the icon, “add to cart ” you will be sent to your cart to see the item you selected was successfully added to your cart.

What is “my cart”? 

The “cart” is the shopping cart for ADA Appliances. It is where you add items prior to checkout. At any time, you can review your cart and edit the quantity of items or remove items. You can also edit the item options from the cart page. You will find a link to review your cart on the top right of every page.

Placing and order

When should I receive my order? 

Some orders are processed and shipped up to 7 days after they are placed, unless we specify a different time frame for a specific item, most of the larger appliances can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the sizes and colors. Time frames for products are all listed on the page you ordered the items. However, due to factors such as unexpectedly high demand for a particular product,delivery delay, occasionally we may not be able to ship an order within this time frame. We will notify you promptly if there is a delay or if we need to cancel your order. As the merchandise you order may be filled from several locations, items may arrive separately.

Can I order from outside the United States? 

Our apologies. At this time we can only accept orders from the United States

How can I change my shipping or payment info during checkout? 

If during checkout you find your information is incorrect, simply click the “back” button to make any adjustments.

How will I know if an item is out of stock? 

If the item(s) you have ordered is not in stock or is no longer available and/or we have trouble processing your credit card, we will notify you shortly after you place your order.

Security and privacy

Is my credit card information secure? 

ADA Appliances is committed to doing its best to maintain the security of information collected on our site. Private account and customer information is located on a secured server behind a firewall; it is not directly connected to the Internet. The firewall meets recognized industry standards. For more information on credit card security, please refer to our privacy policy.

Does ADA Appliances.com share any of my personal information with outside parties? 

We collect various types of information depending upon how you use our site. We gather this information by processing sales transactions and by compiling responses to surveys or other solicitations. We do not under any circumstances however, release this information to any third parties and we do not sell any personal information. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

General questions

What if I am interested in a product I don’t see on your site? 

Email us and tell us what you are looking for and we will be glad to see what we can do. We carry full lines of all the product you see, so if you’re looking for a particular model number or color, simply email us!

If I get my merchandise and decide that I don’t want it what do I do? 

We encourage all of our customers to be sure they want the item. There will be no cancellation in this case.

Will I be charged tax on my order? 

If you reside in the state of Texas, law requires us to charge state tax. If you reside outside the state of Texas, the no tax policy will be in effect and you will not be charged.

Do you install the appliances? 

If you reside within a 50 mile radius of Houston Texas, yes we do provide installation services. Contact us for more information. If you do not reside in our immediate area, the easiest place to find an authorized installer is to call either the manufacturer of your appliance or look in your local yellow pages.

As part of the installation service, the new appliance will be unpacked and brought into your home and installed where you want it placed. Appliances that come with an attached power cord will be connected as part of the installation. In order to ensure a smooth delivery and installation, please read the following information for products that need further special hook up:

  • REFRIGERATORS: Refrigerators that come with automatic icemakers or water dispensers need to have the water lines , they will not come with the refrigerator.
  • ELECTRIC RANGES AND DRYERS: Since wall sockets vary from home to home, and region to region, electric ranges and dryers are built and shipped without an attached electric cord. You can check the electrical outlet type in your home, and purchase the appropriate cord from local appliance or hardware stores.
  • GAS RANGES AND DRYERS: Gas appliances are shipped without connecting gas lines.
  • WASHING MACHINES: Water hoses are included with the Washing Machine.

What if I need my product sooner than the time frame specified on your site? 

Time frames are fairly accurate, however we are able to make arrangements for rush orders. This will cost extra depending on the item and availability. Please contact info@adaappliances.com and let us know how we can assist.